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Belinda Waite, 21, had been to her local hospital several times during the past nine months and says she was told she had a severe case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and gout. In fact, she was pregnant with a healthy baby girl.

On February 6th, 2010 – the night before Louise was born – Miss Waite again went to hospital with pains throughout her body. At 10 pm doctors confirmed she was three months pregnant – in fact she was nine months pregnant – and Louise arrived four and a half hours later at 2:30 am. Miss Waite was staying with her partner Wyane Boyles, 28, when she unexpectedly went into labour. Their baby daughter Louise Boyles was born at home weighing 8lb 14oz with the help of Wayne's mum Syliva.

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Blaschko's lines are an extremely rare and unexplained phenomenon of human anatomy first presented in 1901 by German dermatologist Alfred Blaschko. Neither a specific disease nor a predictable symptom of a disease, Blaschko's lines are an invisible pattern built into human DNA. Many inherited and acquired diseases of the skin or mucosa manifest themselves according to these patterns, creating the visual appearance of stripes. The cause of the stripes is thought to result from mosaicism; they do not correspond to nervous, muscular, or lymphatic systems. What makes them more remarkable is that they correspond quite closely from patient to patient, usually forming a "V" shape over the spine and "S" shapes over the chest, stomach, and sides.
The skin lesions that follow the Blaschko's lines include genetic, congenital and acquired (i.e. non-genetic) conditions.
    * Pigmentary disorders
          o Naevus achromicus (including hypomelanosis of Ito)
          o Epidermal Naevus
                + Nevus sebaceous
                + Inflammatory linear verrucous naevus
    * X-linked genetic skin disorder
          o Incontinentia pigmenti
          o CHILD syndrome
    * Acquired inflammatory skin rashes
          o Lichen striatus
          o lichen planus
          o lupus erythematosus

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When Nancy Andrews, of Commack, N.Y., became pregnant after an in vitro fertilization procedure at a New York fertility clinic, she and her husband expected a beautiful new addition to their family. What they did not expect was a child whose skin was significantly darker than that of either parent. Subsequent DNA tests suggested that doctors at New York Medical Services for Reproductive Medicine accidentally used another man's sperm to inseminate Nancy Andrews' eggs.

The couple has since raised Baby Jessica, who was born Oct. 19, 2004, as their own, according to wire reports. But the couple still filed a malpractice suit against the owner of the clinic, as well as the embryologist who allegedly mixed up the samples.

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Tanorexia is the term often used to describe a condition in which a person participates in excessive outdoor sun tanning or excessive use of other skin tanning methods (such as tanning beds) to achieve a darker skin complexion because they perceive themselves as unacceptably pale.

Although the term "tanorexia" has been commonly used by the media and several doctors to describe the syndrome, both the word and syndrome have not been widely accepted by the medical community, and is considered a slang by many.

Serious cases of tanorexia can be considered dangerous because many of the more popular methods of tanning require prolonged exposure to UV radiation, which is known to be a cause of many negative side effects, including skin cancer.

Extreme instances may be an indication of Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a mental disorder in which one is extremely critical of his or her physique or self-image to an obsessive and compulsive degree. As it is with anorexia, a person with BDD is said to show signs of a characteristic called distorted body image.In other words , a sufferer of "tanorexia" may believe him or herself to have a much lighter--even a pale--complexion when he or she is actually quite dark-skinned.

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These days, people are not satisfy with the 2D images. Therefore we have lots of things in 3D format, 3D Murals Painting, 3D Street Painting, and 3D Chalk Painting. And now, we have 3D tattoo.If you look at those details on the tattoo, that is really awesome work.

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