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They may have been separated by surgeons but, as this heartwarming picture shows, they are determined to face the world together. Pictured after the operation to part them, conjoined twins Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf lie hand-in-hand, just as they did in the womb. The five-month-old boys returned home, seven weeks after they were separated by surgeons at London's Great Ormond Street Hospital. Born last December at London's University College Hospital, Hassan had his arm around his brother.
The boys then returned to Ireland to build up their strength for April's gruelling 14-hour operation at Great Ormond Street, during which, more than 20 medics, including four surgeons and four anaesthetists, worked in shifts to separate them. Although the boys each had their own heart, the organs shared the same safety 'sac', making the op more complex.

Their liver, gut, bladder and pelvis also had to be separated. They have one leg each and are likely to be fitted with prosthetic limbs in the future.

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