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Surgeons have apparently saved a young girl's hand in China – by grafting it on to her leg for three months. Ming Li, 9, lost her left hand when she was run over by a tractor on her way to school in July 2010. However it was too badly damaged to reattach immediately, so doctors decided to attach it to her right leg while it healed. After three months, a medical team at a hospital in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, transplanted it back on to her arm. Spokesman Dr Hou Jianxi said: "When she came in, her left hand was completely severed from her body. It was very scary. But Ming Li can now move her wrist again, and her left hand is a healthy pink color proving that the blood is circulating well." Ming Li will need two more operations over the next year to improve her hand functions and remove scars.

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When 15-year-old Louisa Ball takes a nap, she doesn't mess around. She sleeps for days on end, and no amount of shaking or prodding can fully wake her up. The British girl has a rare condition called Sleeping Beauty Sickness, but there's no Prince Charming on the way to rescue her. Doctors don't know what causes it or how to cure it — only that it strikes teenagers and goes away by itself after 8 to 12 years.

She was eventually diagnosed with Kleine-Levin Syndrome, whose victims worldwide may number no more than 1,000. The victims live normally for weeks or months at a time, with normal sleep patterns and normal energy levels. Then, with little warning, they'll go to sleep for days or weeks at a time. So far, Louisa's longest bout in bed has been 13 days. Victims will wake briefly, but be disoriented and not fully alert. Louisa's parents force her awake so she can use the bathroom and eat.

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